Betting, or playing the Toto games, is an essential part of harness races. It’s easy and fun: you can win with knowledge or luck. Betting is at its most exciting on the spot, when you can root for your favorite with the rest of the audience. Bets can be placed at the Mäntyvaara racing track betting points, where winnings can be claimed as soon as the order of crossing the finish line has been confirmed. 

There are many ways to bet. In the Toto games, bets can be placed on the winner of a race start, trotters finishing in the top two or three, or their respective ranking. If you want even more excitement, you can bet on several race starts. The salespersons at the Toto game points are happy to help first-timers with betting.

In Finland, gambling is regulated by the state, and the euros spent on games and the gaming profits are directed through Finnish gambling Veikkaus. Veikkaus grants an annual share of all gaming profits to Suomen Hippos ry, the Finnish horse racing and breeding association, that directs the money to support the equine sector and harness racing tracks.