Mäntyvaara – harness racing and other events in Rovaniemi

Welcome to Mäntyvaara, the racing track of Santa's hometown. We offer action-packed experiences all year round!

Harness racing is one of the most popular sports in Finland. Harness races are held every day in some parts of Finland, and 14 harness races are held in Mäntyvaara each year – even in the winter. The only Finnish horse breed, the Finnhorse, is a specialty of Finnish horse racing, and separate race starts are held for this breed. Betting, an essential part of harness racing, adds its own excitement to the experience.

Besides horse racing, many other fascinating events are held at Mäntyvaara. Each year, the fastest reindeer in Lapland attend the Porocup preliminary round with their drivers, and the audience can enjoy the chillingly thrilling Arctic Lapland Rally special stage from the comfort of the racing track’s indoor seats.